What I Remember

What I Remember (Indiana Summer)

A white house on a green slope

Blue sky big as my dreams

Wispy clouds and milky horizons

That’s what I remember.


Gravel road and a rusty truck

Windows down, hot breeze blowin’

Singing bluegrass with the radio

That’s what I remember.


Back in the fields of Indiana

Where life was simple and I was me

Between the hillside and the meadow

That’s where I want to be.


Big swimmin’ hole and a tire swing

Couple of fish and a bunch of trees

Catching fireflies and trapping toads

That’s what I remember.


Sittin’ on the front porch step

Watching the blue sky turn to pink

Stars come out and crickets murmer

That’s what I remember.


Back in the fields of Indiana

Where life was simple and I was me

Between the hillside and the meadow

That’s where I want to be.

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Floral Fancies


Carnations…remind me of my daddy, because he always gives me a few on Valentine’s Day.

Daisies…remind me of my mother, because she always speaks of liking them.

Black-eyed susans…remind me of God’s provision of our lovely home and how Moma got the very flowers she always wanted.

Roses…remind me of love and fill me with dreams.

Lilies…remind me of Easter and God’s promises of new Life in Him.

Peonies…remind me of June and the sticky sap always means summer.

Crocuses…remind me of spring coming soon.

Can you tell? I like flowers, and I am ready to make a photo-excursion in our backyard to find them and capture them.

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Graceful lines

An iris in our front garden….so beautiful!


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Fair are the meadows…

Just wanted to share with you a snippet of the marvelous beauty that I get to look at every day. 

Can you see my little furrows?

The garden is planted–first strike, anyways.  Moma and I seeded spinach, radishes, green onions, and a mesclun mix last week. 


And then there is the lone, lovely tulip out in the front.  I caught it still glistening from a brief rainshower.

Right lovely, ain't?

When out in the incredible world of God’s Nature, the old hymn often comes to my mind.  “Fair are the meadows…fairer still the woodlands…clothed in the brilliant garb of spring.  Jesus is fairer, Jesus is purer, who makes the woeful heart to sing.”


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Springtime Promises

Spring is here!  We made it through the winter, and finally, the sun is shining, the flowers are coming up, and it’s time to send the snow shovels for a long vacation.  As I was walking the other day and witnessing a glorious sunrise, the parallels between spring and God’s promises came to mind.  Even though the winter may seem long, spring will always come.  We can count on it.  Likewise, we can count on God’s promises always coming true—even if they seem impossible or far-off, they will happen. God gives his personal guarantee on this, and He backs it up with a plethora of examples.   I’ve been reading through Isaiah lately, and time after time the Lord gives a promise of a future event, and then reminds us of how the promises He made to Abraham, to Jacob, to all of Israel always came true.  We see how incredibly detailed His promises about Christ’s coming were, and how every single one came true.  Throughout His word, He gives us promises about our lives right now, assuring that He will always be with us and will always be our Rock and our Redeemer.  Finally, His promises about heaven and being forever in His presence are not just fairy tales, or just nice thoughts.  They are true!  May we cling to Him today, and know that He promises to hear our prayers and to help us.  May we praise Him today, as we see the power of His Creation unfold in spring.  Our God is mighty! 

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