Beautiful Surprise

Chris Rice – When Did You Fall From the album Amusing

You’re all smiles and silly conversation, As if this sunny day came just for you, you twist your hair, you smile and you turn your eyes away. C’mon, tell me what’s right with you

Now it dawns on me probably everybody’s talkin’, and there’s something here I’m supposed to realize. ‘Cause your secret’s out, and the universe laughs at it’s joke on me

I just caught it in your eyes, it’s a beautiful surprise

Chorus: When did you fall in love with me? Was it out of the blue ‘Cause I swear I never knew it. When did you let your heart run free? Have you been waiting long? When did you fall in love with me? When did you fall in love?

Make your way over here, sit down by this fool, and let’s rewind. C’mon, let’s go back and replay all our scenes. You can point out the hints, the clues, the twists and the smiles this time. All the ones that slipped by me.

 I bet my face is red, and you can hear my heart poundin’. Well I guess it don’t matter now that I realize, ‘Cause baby I missed it then, but I can surely see you now. Right there before my eyes, you’re my beautiful surprise


Was it at the coffee shop? Or that morning at the bus stop, when you almost slipped, and I caught your hand? Or the time we built the snowman? The day at the beach, sandy and warm? Or the night with the scary thunderstorm?

I never saw the signs. Now we’ve got to make up for lost time. And I can tell now by the way that you’re looking at me, I’d better finish this song so my lips will be free.

Have you been waiting long? when did you fall in love. I kept you waiting so long, when did you fall? Have you been waiting long? When did you fall in love with me? When did you fall in love?

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What I Remember

What I Remember (Indiana Summer)

A white house on a green slope

Blue sky big as my dreams

Wispy clouds and milky horizons

That’s what I remember.


Gravel road and a rusty truck

Windows down, hot breeze blowin’

Singing bluegrass with the radio

That’s what I remember.


Back in the fields of Indiana

Where life was simple and I was me

Between the hillside and the meadow

That’s where I want to be.


Big swimmin’ hole and a tire swing

Couple of fish and a bunch of trees

Catching fireflies and trapping toads

That’s what I remember.


Sittin’ on the front porch step

Watching the blue sky turn to pink

Stars come out and crickets murmer

That’s what I remember.


Back in the fields of Indiana

Where life was simple and I was me

Between the hillside and the meadow

That’s where I want to be.

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What’s in a name?

ALEXANDRA. My name. An interesting way to find out who I am.

It means: Helper and defender of mankind

It fits me: I love helping others and I also can be defensive and nurturing. A helper and defender.  A rescuer. One who wants to serve and protect, that those who she serves and protects would grow.

I like it: Because it is very classical, old-fashioned, almost royal. I, too, am a classical, highly old-fashioned girl. It is not mushy, but powerful and expressive. (Just try saying it with the emphasis on “AN”…AlexANdra. Makes you want to talk with your hands.) I, too, can be strong-willed, full of passion and expression. I am not timid in my convictions, but strive to hold to a daily, steady commitment to the Truth.

Nickname: ALEX

It fits me: Because it makes the perfect fusion between my split personality. Part of me is classical, the other part is casual. One part is elegant, the other practical.

Random neat things: It is one of the very few names other than Trixie, Maxine, and Roxanna to use the letter “x”, which makes it very special and unique. It has never been, and never will be, Alexandria. Only a’s and e’s. Backwards, it spells Ardnaxela, pronounced “Ard-nuh-zay-luh”. This is my Star Wars alter-ego.

Middle name: LEIGH

It means: In the meadow (pasture)

It fits me: Because, although I have my sophisticated moments, I am at heart a girl of the meadow. One of my favorite scenes is a rippling field of grass beneath a blue prairie sky, with a smattering of wildflowers and scattering of fluffy white clouds.

I like it: Because it has fun letters and looks Scottish. It also flows very nicely with “Alexandra.”

Random neat things: It is pronounced “lee”. Whenever Alexandra Leigh floats through the air, I know that I am in sufficient trouble. All but one of my girl cousins also has this as her middle name.

Thanks, Mical, for a post idea. 🙂 You can all use your name as a way to let us get to know you better. It’s rather funny how often names encapsulate  a person so aptly.

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Barrett Nilsen: #1 [adopted] little brother!

Barrett Nilsen: #1 [adopted] little brother!
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What Matters in a Man?

A few months ago, a friend (Sara) and I were discussing what was important to us in a man. What we listed reflected what we considered important, and also reflected our personalities. This is what I ended up with…not comprehensive, I suppose, but it was fun to put together. Interestingly enough, many of the traits ended up similar to those of my father. Since I love and respect him, it makes sense that I would look for some of his traits in a future husband. Do men do the same things with their mothers? Do they look for what they consider important in their mothers in their future wives?

(side note: this list was not written in an attempt to purposefully match myself to any men I know, real or otherwise; coincidences are accidental.)


·         Male.  J

·         Christian.  Not merely “church-goer”; but a passionate, growing Christian. He doesn’t have to have it all “figured out” by any means, but he needs to be putting Christ at the center of his life.


Character—it what’s on the inside that counts:

·         Transparent, honest, open.  

·         Humble.

·         Willing to talk, willing to open his life to me.

·         Uncomplicated…understands what’s really important.

·         Serious when necessary.

·         Healthy sense of humor.

·         “Joie de vivre”. Joyful. Smiling.  Excited about life…not stiff, dry, negative, and grim. 

·         Servant Leader—a man that I can respect and follow.

·         Involved with the kids and my life


Other traits that attract me:

·         Material simplicity.

·         Conservative…fiscally, politically, etc.

·         Appreciates music/creativity

·         Thinks for himself; isn’t interested in copying the world or being “like everyone else”

·         Wants to eat my good cookin’ J

·         Gentlemanly actions—treats me like a lady.

·         Encourages me—makes me feel as if my ideas aren’t stupid, even when they need tweaking. I don’t want to feel attacked, doubted and analyzed for everything I do.

(And he’ll probably need a good deal of energy to keep up with me–haha! 🙂


In short, a down-to-earth man of God!

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Mother, may I?

You know you are “motherish” when:

With one “just-what-do-you-think-you’re-doing” look, you can tell a friend and coworker an entire paragraph…today’s  went as such: “Al-ec…you’re drinking that? Do you know how crummy that sweet tea is going to make you feel? How much sugar did you already have today?”

Friend and coworker responds with: “I come to work and all day you’re my mom…can you just stop being my mom for a minute?!”

Another friend tells you repeatedly (3 or more times) in one visit that “you are such a mom!” (thanks, Mical Marie!)

While customers sample cheese, you absentmindedly look at the clock and realize that it’s 4:00, and your instinct is to say, “Now, don’t spoil your supper.” (true story!)

And a host of other things…but, goodness, how often I hear sentences directed at me that end in “mom.”

 “Ok, mom…whatever you say, mom…you’re not my mom!”

Lest any of you get the wrong impression, let me just say that this does not bother me, I actually find it rather amusing, and overall, I count it a good thing. After all, motherhood is one of the highest callings for a woman.

But it is rather funny for this 17-year old lassie to be considered a mother figure. Oh well….eat your lunch, pick up your mess, and make sure you drink plenty of water. And don’t forget to re-tie your left shoelace!

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Automotive Anouncement


Ford Focus

Ford Focus

Yep, it’s in the driveway now.

Yep, it’s mine.

What do you all think?

I think it’s purty. 🙂


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My Exciting News

Well, folks, the big news over here is I got a haircut.  (Hey, don’t laugh.  My threshold of excitement is pretty low these days.  DId I hear you say “you need to get out more, Alex”?  🙂

The first haircut in about 10 months….that’s pretty close together for me.  Less than a year!

I’m giving you all a sneak preview……

Ahh...a haircut feels so good!

Ahh...a haircut feels so good!

Am I laughing or rolling my eyes?
Am I laughing or rolling my eyes?

That’s all I have for now!

I’ll put up a “real” post soon…….
Alex, the newly shorn sheep.
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My “special” childhood…

Well, I could do something serious, but some people tell me that I’m too intense. (Everybody’s secretly just jealous of my deep perception of real life, but whatever.)

So let’s try something funny! 

A few years ago, I coined this phrase to describe my brother and I when we were little: “We were intellectual children.”  Why, you ask?  Well, when other 6 and 8 year-olds were climbing trees, playing hide-and-seek, and drinking Capri-Sun (all the other moms were cool enough to buy those nifty foil pouches), we were sitting in the reading nook between the sofa and the bookcase.  In this bookcase were the encyclopedia, the dictionary, the medical books and all of Dad’s old college science text books (he’s a microbiologist).  That was a realm of great beauty for Hans (my brother) and I–we spent hours reading those books. 

“Okay,” you say, “That’s not that ‘intellectual’.” Hold on.  It gets weirder!

We also had an obsession with aquatic life.  We each possessed an entire alternate universe composed of stuffed killer whales, sharks, and a few other assorted plush lifeforms.  One of our favorite games to play with these soft friends was “Sickness.”

“What?” you intone, “That sounds….gross!”

Yes, “Sickness.”  In case you are looking for a great new way to spend your downtime this schoolyear, here’s how to play:

1.) Gather up all stuffed killer whales and sharks, and tote them to the basement.  Preferably, do this early in the morning while Mom and Dad are still snoozing, so your time will be uninterrupted.

2.) Sit in reading nook and peruse microbiological information.

3.) Assume doctor stance and voice when the first plush patient arrives.

4.) Listen to their symptoms, assign them a bed (one of the couch cushions) and research their ailment in medical journals.  For example, if “Caroline” is suffering from severe stiffness, muscle tension, and a sudden onslaught of joint pain, she might have contracted tetanus.  The common infective agent Clostridium tetani is responsible; she most likely encountered it during an unfortunate adventure involving a rusty gate out back.  Dose her with meds as required, keep her hydrated, and clean out her puncture wounds.

5.) As more critically ill patients arrive (Oh, the drama!), head to the laundry room, empty out round white laundry basket, and use it as the ambulance.

6.) Set broken bones as necessary, restrain patients even when they thrash wildly and disturb other sea creatures.  (The louder they scream, the funnier.)

7.) Never fear to enter sugery–who needs their appendix, anyways?

8.)  If you are a girl, all the animals get well and few things ever go wrong.  The occasional crisis moment occurs, but all is peacefully resolved, preferably with the husband whale more deeply in love with his recovering wife than ever before.

9.) If you are a boy, at least half of the animals have to die a slow, dramatic, painful death, hopefully not before yelling loudly and getting in a fistfight or two.

10.) Pick up your mess, study more pathological terminology, and return the laundry basket to its appropriate home and fill it back up with dirty socks (this last step is really important if you want your mom to let you continue your game next week.)

Friday nights, Hans and I would plan, “Let’s get up early tomorrow morning and play Sickness for a while!” “Oooh, I can hardly sleep!  The ideas are already running through my head…..”
Now you know why I’m so weird–I started out that way! 


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Cien (100) cosas que me gustan mucho

There appears to be a theme emerging amongst “real bloggers”–lists about yourself.  So, I thought I’d give you guys one.  Here is a list, in no particular order, of 100 things that I enjoy (some are more trivial than others)
1.) reading a great variety–particularly that which is mentally, psychologically, and spiritually stimulating
2.) intellectual conversations
3.) hiking
4.) playing cards
5.) playing piano
6.) singing in harmony
7.) laughing
8.) talking in accents
9.) organizing things
10.) picking up things
11.) making things look neat and pretty–aesthetic adjustment
12.) solving word puzzles
13.) using my brain
14.) problem solving
15.) teaching people
16.) learning new skills
17.) the arts
18.) reading a complex and ingenious sentence that makes its point through exact word choice
19.) responsibility
20.) working with people
21.) seeing new sights
22.) community
23.) dressing up and feeling pretty
24.) talking candidly with my parents
25.) farmer’s markets
26.) working with my hands
27.) baking and cooking, especially for other people
28.) drama
29.) managing things
30.) watching good live theater
31.) being one of the people in charge
32.) understanding how and why things work
33.) planning things
34.) tinkering with computer stuff and being geeky
35.) being “in the know”
36.) being physically active
37.) studying my Bible
38.) nutritional eating
39.) solving math problems with a pragmatic emphasis (i.e., how many grams of sugar per 5 Tbs?)
40.) making lists
41.) crossing off lists
42.) iced green tea
43.) listening to classical music
44.) playing with kids
45.) being ladylike
46.) sorting and minimizing
47.) chatting with friends while I work
48.) clever wordplays
49.) holding babies (I love the feel of a child’s hand stealing around my neck)
50.) practicing my Spanish in real-life settings
51.) technological terminology
52.) reading the paper and understanding world issues
53.) critical thinking, reading, and writing
54.) discussing life’s spiritual aspects with brothers and sisters in Christ
55.) helping the hurting
56.) micromanaging things, especially budgets
57.) being “up do date”
58.) analyzing things
59.) daydreaming about my wedding and marriage
60.) great variety–no two days just  the same
61.) writing (especially essays)
62.) learning new information
63.) maturing in many ways
64.) big, obscure, & precise words
65.) history
66.) being appreciated
67.) depth
68.) worshipping Christ
69.) exploring new areas–blazing my own trail when hiking
70.) a good pen with plenty of ink
71.) stretching–physically and psychologically
72.) giving gifts
73.) thunderstorms
74.) snow
75.) a neat, well-stocked pantry
76.) talking with Hans
77.) real communication
78.) cold sheets at night
79.) time with real friends that involves real fellowship
80.) projects
81.) improvising music at the piano–so relaxing
82.) humming
83.) whistling
84.) taking photographs
85.) preparing for things
86.) nurturing and caring for things
87.) early mornings
88.) being busy and productive
89.) making pretty penmanship
90.) blogs
91.) trivia
92.) nuts and raisins
93.)  family history
94.) phone calls, e-mails, and letters for me
95.) being invited
96.) cheesecake (!!!!)
97.) being treated like the adult that I really am
98.) reading aloud to my family something that piqued my interest
99.) the smell of books (I seriously think that Yankee should work on a “Eau de Library” candle.)
100.) Walking around downtown and seeing the wildly varied demographics
I can’t believe that I made it to 100!  Woohoo!  Now, if people will only read that far….:)
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