Barrett Nilsen: #1 [adopted] little brother!

Barrett Nilsen: #1 [adopted] little brother!
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What Matters in a Man?

A few months ago, a friend (Sara) and I were discussing what was important to us in a man. What we listed reflected what we considered important, and also reflected our personalities. This is what I ended up with…not comprehensive, I suppose, but it was fun to put together. Interestingly enough, many of the traits ended up similar to those of my father. Since I love and respect him, it makes sense that I would look for some of his traits in a future husband. Do men do the same things with their mothers? Do they look for what they consider important in their mothers in their future wives?

(side note: this list was not written in an attempt to purposefully match myself to any men I know, real or otherwise; coincidences are accidental.)


·         Male.  J

·         Christian.  Not merely “church-goer”; but a passionate, growing Christian. He doesn’t have to have it all “figured out” by any means, but he needs to be putting Christ at the center of his life.


Character—it what’s on the inside that counts:

·         Transparent, honest, open.  

·         Humble.

·         Willing to talk, willing to open his life to me.

·         Uncomplicated…understands what’s really important.

·         Serious when necessary.

·         Healthy sense of humor.

·         “Joie de vivre”. Joyful. Smiling.  Excited about life…not stiff, dry, negative, and grim. 

·         Servant Leader—a man that I can respect and follow.

·         Involved with the kids and my life


Other traits that attract me:

·         Material simplicity.

·         Conservative…fiscally, politically, etc.

·         Appreciates music/creativity

·         Thinks for himself; isn’t interested in copying the world or being “like everyone else”

·         Wants to eat my good cookin’ J

·         Gentlemanly actions—treats me like a lady.

·         Encourages me—makes me feel as if my ideas aren’t stupid, even when they need tweaking. I don’t want to feel attacked, doubted and analyzed for everything I do.

(And he’ll probably need a good deal of energy to keep up with me–haha! 🙂


In short, a down-to-earth man of God!

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Mother’s Day: Part II

Like Mother, Like Father

A picture of my Moma and me…click for an enlargement.  That way you can see both our pretty faces up close.  🙂  This photo was taken last October at McCloud Nature Park in North Salem, IN, with my Dad’s fancypants camera.  I love the natural, happy look we both have here!  That’s what fall weather (and fancypants cameras!) do for you, I reckon.  Enjoy!  (And please leave a comment, if you wish…that way I can see who reads my blog, haha….I’m a sucker for stats and such.)


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Mother’s Day

Moma–you are truly a gift from God. 

You have taught me a vast amount over the years–and not just through homeschooling.

You have prepared me to be a woman in this world, and one day a wife and mother, Lord willing, in so many ways.

You have instructed me both the home skills and the spiritual skills that I need.

Thank you, and I love you!

Happy Mother’s Day!



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