Haiti’s Orphan Survivor Cries Out

I have seen much suffering

More than words can ever tell

And all around me rings

The screams of a living hell.


When I try to run I fall

Because too much lines the street

Broken bodies, broken walls

Lay piled at my feet.


It’s been two days since I ate

I have no family, no friends

What will be my fate?

How can this nightmare end,

If no one even knows that I  live?


Rescue me

If you would take me into your heart

Restore me

Bind up my broken heart


I would never hunger

For food or for love


I would never thirst

For water or for life


If you would take me into your heart.


I know it’s a lot to ask

For any normal soul to give

And I know it’s no small task

But it determines whether I die or live

So you can keep your “perfect life” 

And let me go down to my death


Or you can let your “perfect dreams” all die

And help me live


Which will you choose,

Now that you know that I live?



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  1. Well written thoughts…
    as a Christian one cannot simply ignore
    all that is happening around him.
    May we be the hands and feet of our Savior.

    PS Nice new format!


  2. Definitely thought-provoking… In fact, so much so, it will be hanging on my dorm wall to remind me of why I took the open door to be at Moody. Thanks Alex! 🙂 In Dependence!

  3. Your poem speaks the suffering not only in Haiti, but around the world. The world thirst for truth, they are chained to temptations, and are staving to have peace within their very soul. And we as Christians can get so caught up in our own “perfect bubble” of restoration to our own image, that we leave others around us in a cloud of dust. May we always remember to have a heart for the lost, dehydrated, empty, and despairing, who have a heart with a cracked door, ready to let Christ’s love in. Keep the Faith!
    From Your Ardent Sister in Christ,


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