Run to the Rescue

Hebrews 2:18: “For in that he himself (Christ) hath suffered being tempted, he is able to succour them that are tempted.” (KJV)

Succour? Is that a sport with a black and white ball? Or something sweet candy that you lick a lot?

Not exactly a word we use every day. But it holds such an incredible concept that we really ought to use it more often!

Now, what does the honorable Mr. Noah Webster say about this word? “To give aid to, to relieve.”

Do tell us further still, Mr. Webster.

“Succour, coming from the Latin word ‘carrere’, meaning to run….(from hence our English word ‘car’, or in Spanish, correr means to run) Literally breaking this word down, it means “run to the rescue”.

Jesus Christ, the sinless man and Son of God, the Lamb who was slain, the Lamb who is Worthy, runs to our rescue!

What does He rescue us from? Well, what does “tempted” mean? Cue Mr. Webster again. “To be enticed to wrongdoing for the promise of personal gain or pleasure.”

In other words, the weakness of the sinful nature, the flesh.

Personal (self-centered) gain (more for me! more for me!) or pleasure (it’s all about what feels good to me and what I [me! me! me!] want) Even though Satan tried to lure Christ to do wrong, He had no sinful nature. The power and purity of God was the bedrock of His soul. He emerged victorious from the suffering and temptation. He did not give in. He is God!

And He offers this power to us, through faith and the enabling grace of His Spirit. Let’s plug this back in: “For in that he himself hath suffered being tempted, he is able to run to the rescue of them that are being enticed to sin, the glorification of the flesh.”

What an amazing God! What amazing grace! What amazing power! How can we not be stirred in soul, how can we not be utterly devoted, how can we not be completely enraptured?

This is indeed the cry of my heart: that I would be stirred in soul, that I would be utterly devoted, that I would be completely enraptured. I am not there yet….I need much of the grace of the My God to get me there…..but I will triumph because He runs to my rescue! Oh, may all praise and glory and honor be His forever and ever amen!

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  1. Thanks Alex! This is perfect. Just what I needed to hear, again. 🙂 Don’t we have such an amazing Savior!?! 😀

  2. Great words…I love the concept of being rescued!

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