Someone Else’s Mail?

Have you ever gotten someone else’s mail?

You didn’t recognize the address or name of the sender. Hopefully you didn’t open it, but if you did, it didn’t make much sense. You didn’t understand the content, or what they were referring to, or anything.


Because you didn’t know who it was from.

Let me ask you a question another question: With what attitude do you read the Bible?

Do you flip through it carelessly? Do you stare at it uninterestedly?  Or do you pore over it with eagerness?

To some it is a burden, a dry spiritual activity they do out of compulsion. Many consider it boring, or too confusing. Another popular opinion is that the Bible is as outdated and irrelevant as your dad’s high school bell bottoms.

However, I don’t think the main problem is the way you look at the Bible. It stems from the way you look at the Author of the Bible. Many people struggle with the significance of the Scripture these days because they don’t know Who it is from.

Sure, they may have heard about Him, they might even be able to answer the important questions with neatly packaged answers, but they don’t know Him.

God’s Word is just that—GOD’s Word. If you don’t know God, you won’t be able to get much out of His Word. But when you begin to know Him intimately, spending each day with Him, walking at His side, asking for His help, thanking Him for all things…you begin to hunger for more of Him. More depths of intimacy. More understanding of His heart. More pictures of His glory and might. More promises of His love. And His Word holds just that.

If you find it dry and can’t figure out how it relates to your life, maybe you need to reassess how you are relating to God. And you can’t just make up what you think God should be like—you have to know the God of the Bible. He has told us Who He is in His Word—grow in your knowledge of Who He really is. Walk with Him.

The Bible will become fresh, exciting, real, relevant, and life-giving. It’s the never-ending journey of reading a letter from your King and Father. There are passages that will still be confusing, verses that take much effort to understand. But the beauty is that Jesus Himself will stand by You and help you through each passage, giving you His Holy Spirit to illumine your study. The more you know of the Lord, the more interesting His Word becomes. You start putting pieces together, and it starts making one big picture of glory, might, love, redemption, and grace. As you extract Biblical Truth, and tuck it away in your mind, the Holy Spirit will use it to remind you of your Lord, showing you how it fits in your life day by day. You will how what God says in His Word and what He does in your life are one and same.

We are tremendously blessed to have sixty-six books from God, to us. I encourage you to consider how you relate to The Lord, and how you relate to His Word. Eagerly studying and learning from The Bible is an adventure that you don’t want to miss! Few things bring such joy as devoting some time to learn more about our Amazing Savior.

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  1. Yes, God’s Words are a wonderful gift to us!

  2. Whom it is from makes all the difference.

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