Loving your Husband…for Single Ladies

Alright, single girls, listen up. I want to talk with you about how to love your husband.

Yes, you read that right. I just exhorted you single ladies to love your spouse.

“But–I’m not married! That’s why I’m called ‘single’, Alex!”

I know…but you can live in a way that loves your husband right now.

Your special man’s special place in your heart is like a cottage. It should be locked until the very day he knocks on it. (This is symbolic both for your emotional and physical purity.)

Sadly, many young women unlock that door, and let other men in…men who aren’t even going to buy the cottage. You see, we ladies aren’t supposed to give open houses and showings of this cottage–it’s locked up tight, and only we have the key.

And when we unlock that cottage door, the guys who file through it grab stuff from it, and we ladies like to pick up stuff and give it to them…often with a joyful smile. (why do we smile to give away our precious gifts to those who are not the rightful owners? We are indeed joyful thieves, robbing from our husband’s treasure chest.)

Some guys only walk out with a pencil and a handful of pennies….but other guys get big stuff, like couches and TV’s.

Saddest of all, some men walk out with the treasure chest that holds the priceless gold of the cottage…(this is your physical virginity.)

Each and every guy who walks through this cottage but isn’t buying it defiles it (buying it is done by marriage, thusly binding himself to owner of the key.) He takes something that can’t be replaced…he leaves a dirty foot trail…he makes it smell less sweet.

Before you think I’m saying that “guys are messy, stinky, thieves”, realize who let the guy in the house. It was padlocked. (there are a few cases where the guy breaks in, but that’s not what I’m addressing here.) So who let him in? The one with the key: you. Me. Us ladies are responsible for keeping that cottage door locked, to keep our husband’s cotagge his wonder-filled treasure trove.

But today? So many young women have that door wide open, swaying in the breeze, letting in guy after guy, slamming the door to cry after each one leaves, each refusing to buy the house and its owner. He rejected the house we gave him, and we also are rejected. After crying, she straigtens up a few things and opens that door again. She’s trapped in an endless cycle of pain, rejection, and is slowly (sometimes not so slowly) being robbed (or robbing herself) of every one of her precious treasures of purity.

That’s because we’re going about it backwards, girls! We show our houses, the prospective buyers pick around, and then they leave and don’t buy the house.

Backwards, I tell you, backwards!

The man must buy this house before he can live in it, before he can take its stuff, before he can even set foot in it.

When the one (let’s call him Frederick) comes into our lives and shows interested in the house, we DO NOT open the door and let him poke around.

We guard the cottage with our lives.

Frederick can peek in the windows. We can describe a bit for him. But otherwise, it is off-limits.

But one day, when Frederick commits to the owner, and buys the cottage, THEN we can take off that padlock and joyfully lead the rightful owner in.

 What will your Frederick find? Will he find a looted and pillaged ramshackle hovel?

Or will he find a dear and charming kingdom, filled with the things he loves and desires?

 You know, the choice of what your precious Freddie finds is yours.

If you lock that door to all men until the appointed time, and use this time to clean it and decorate it and improve it, the man’s home will indeed be his castle.

And all because of his princess and what she is choosing to do for him.

 You’re already taken. You’re already Frederick’s princess…are you living in a way that honors your noble knight?

And you’re Jesus’ princess…are you living in a way that honors your King who died that you might live?

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  1. Thank you, once again, for this, dear friend.
    Always good to be reminded.
    Still working on that emotional purity … everyday.
    Hope to see ya soon!


  2. You draw such great pictures with your words!
    Keep the house padlocked! It will be worth it!

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