Pleasures of Spring

One of the grandest

Pleasures of Spring

Is to rise very early, with the sun.

And to meander through the green landscape,

Savoring every sensation that reaches

Up, around, and down

From the place about me.


The smell of:

Wet, tender shoots of grass.

Cool morning breezes that embody freshness.

Rich, fresh-tilled soil.

Sweet and dainty blossoms.


The feel of:

The drips of dew as I run my hand through the grass,

The cool breeze’s hints of warmth spinning my hair around my ears.

Cool soil and wriggling worms between my fingers.

Silky, fragile petals beneath my fingers.


The sight of:

Pink sunrises whose shining rays catch the dew on the grass

And place a golden cloak upon the hills and valleys.

Brisk spring wind toying with the tiny leaves on the trees,

And deep brown soil beneath a clear blue sky.

Tiny hidden flowers that pop up in every corner.


The sound of:

The quiet whisper of long green grass as I step my way through.

The leaves chatting and dancing in the playful breeze.

Birds singing cheerfully as they swoop upon the worms in the soil,

My mother’s sigh of delight when I bring in the first flowers of spring.


Each season has its charms, but none seem

As new, fresh, or invigorating

As Spring.

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  1. Those are the exact feelings I feel whenever I venture outside! I relish the feelings of spring yet I can never put it into words… you did it for me. 🙂 I’m always amazed at the renewing of life every spring! It is a reminder of the Maker. 🙂


  2. What a fun post-I really enjoyed it, Alex! (All but the wriggling worms. They can stay in the ground doing whatever it is worms do best and I’ll be happy.)
    Spring and fall are my two favorite seasons, but spring has become my most favorite, and I think you put into words why.

  3. Nice reflection!

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