What’s in a name?

ALEXANDRA. My name. An interesting way to find out who I am.

It means: Helper and defender of mankind

It fits me: I love helping others and I also can be defensive and nurturing. A helper and defender.  A rescuer. One who wants to serve and protect, that those who she serves and protects would grow.

I like it: Because it is very classical, old-fashioned, almost royal. I, too, am a classical, highly old-fashioned girl. It is not mushy, but powerful and expressive. (Just try saying it with the emphasis on “AN”…AlexANdra. Makes you want to talk with your hands.) I, too, can be strong-willed, full of passion and expression. I am not timid in my convictions, but strive to hold to a daily, steady commitment to the Truth.

Nickname: ALEX

It fits me: Because it makes the perfect fusion between my split personality. Part of me is classical, the other part is casual. One part is elegant, the other practical.

Random neat things: It is one of the very few names other than Trixie, Maxine, and Roxanna to use the letter “x”, which makes it very special and unique. It has never been, and never will be, Alexandria. Only a’s and e’s. Backwards, it spells Ardnaxela, pronounced “Ard-nuh-zay-luh”. This is my Star Wars alter-ego.

Middle name: LEIGH

It means: In the meadow (pasture)

It fits me: Because, although I have my sophisticated moments, I am at heart a girl of the meadow. One of my favorite scenes is a rippling field of grass beneath a blue prairie sky, with a smattering of wildflowers and scattering of fluffy white clouds.

I like it: Because it has fun letters and looks Scottish. It also flows very nicely with “Alexandra.”

Random neat things: It is pronounced “lee”. Whenever Alexandra Leigh floats through the air, I know that I am in sufficient trouble. All but one of my girl cousins also has this as her middle name.

Thanks, Mical, for a post idea. 🙂 You can all use your name as a way to let us get to know you better. It’s rather funny how often names encapsulate  a person so aptly.

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  1. What fun! 🙂

    Well, I’m glad I didn’t take the same approach you did. You talked about what your name means. … I read once that the guy spelling of Mical … “Michael” … means “one who is like the Lord.” …. I wouldn’t have much to say if I took that approach, seeing as I am not like the Lord! Ha! I’m working on it though. I WILL be like Him when I see Him face to face someday. I’ll just keep pressing on to be more like Him … one day at a time.

  2. Yes, you do live up to your name. 🙂 I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again-you are like Neopolitan Ice Cream. A conglomeration of things. Good and sweet things, but certainly a conglomeration.

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