When the Obsessive-Compulsive Bake Brownies…

I am, admittedly, borderline ridiculous about having things in nice, clean order. I also baked brownies today, and the following is the result of Organized Fanatic vs. Chocolate Creation.

The recipe said, “cool on wire rack.”

So I complied.

Carefully, I slid the butter knife around the edge of the pan, and I flipped the warm, moist brownies on to aforementioned wire rack.

But the nature of flipping means that the brownies were now upside-down on the rack. This topsy-turvy state unnerved me to no end.

So I flipped them back.

Or, rather, I attempted to flip warm, moist,crumbly, delicate brownies back to their proper orientation…and here was the result:

Mom said one piece...don't you think she meant that monstrous one?

Mom said one piece...don't you think she meant that monstrous one?

I don’t care that the brownies crumbled into pieces…they’re right-side up now.  Yes, my friends, this is what happens when the obsessive-compulsive bake brownies.

PS They really do taste good, presentation aside.

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  1. You crack me up! 🙂
    They do look good. Now I want to bake brownies. Thanks Alex. I think.

  2. This is GREAT!!!

    You need to hang out with me more often. You’ll be over those OCD habits in no time! ‘Cause I’m pretty much the opposite! Heck! My youth group girls and I throw flour at each other! Make a huge mess! And spend 3 weeks cleaning it up! 😉

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