I am from…

A few people have asked my brother “what is your sister like?” recently…so maybe giving you a taste of what I’m from will help you understand who I am.

I am from…

Quaint North Salem and an old green house,

With a real coal bin and high ceilings.                              

From bustling little Danville and the big blue house,

With a little yard but a basement built for explorers.

From the Avon/Danville line and a rambling red house,

With five acres teeming with animals and adventures.

I am from…

Orange juice for breakfast and cold cereal,

From “Drink your milk” three times per day.

From corn-on-the-cob every week in the summer,

Crisp Beasley’s apples on crisp falls days.

I am from…

Being a scaredy-cat in gymnastics,

And a show-off in ballet

From not scoring a single goal in soccer,

And being the first one out at a game of “Horse”.

I am from…

Silent pink sunrises and wispy white clouds,

From golden corn stubble in the last light of day.

From sun-warmed grass tickling my bare feet,

And frosted grass crunching beneath my boots

I am from…

Dinner together at the table almost every night

From reading trivia cards between bites of food.

 From laughing so hard you almost choke,

And coaching Chicago sports teams-forks in hand.

I am from…

Playing piano and guitar late at night to relieve stress

And games of “Name the Artist” on the radio.

From writing music because no other song fits,

And singing in the garage when nobody is home.

I am from…

Feeling very old and very young at the same time,

From needing to prove myself to having nothing to prove.

From being who people want me to be to simply being me,

And from learning to laugh at myself before any one else does.

I am from…

Wanting God to be in control and letting go of things,

But trying to still push my dreams into His plans.

From  learning to wait patiently for His guidance,

And from savoring the moments He is giving now.

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  1. That is awesome….word pictures and also very accurate. Warmed the cockles of my heart…..whatever they are….wait aren’t they shells?

    Good Stuff!

    Finally – the proper post………

  2. “From writing music because no other song fits.”

    I think this line could sum up your life in a lot of ways. 🙂 You march to the beat of a different drum … the same Drummer as I – Jesus Christ … but your drum beat is far different. In a good way! 🙂

    You have aspirations and hopes and talents and depth all your own. You amaze me, at times. God had something special in mind when He created you. You are refreshing and a joy. 🙂

  3. Alex-
    I really loved this poem. It was sweet and deep and revealing.
    Mical is right-the Lord has blessed you with many gifts and I know He has a special plan and place just for you!

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