Sovereign Shepherd

God is sovereign.

That means totally over every thing and every one…every circumstance…every dream…every hope…every fear…every, every, every single thing.

That brings immeasurable comfort.

Sometimes I fear that I will not see God’s will…I get worried, because all I can see is now, all I can understand is what I feel, and all I can hear confuses me. But that’s because I’ve got my magnifying glass out instead of God’s panoramic-view lenses.

When I back up, the fuzzy fine print doesn’t matter. 

God’s will WILL be done. Period.  So, I don’t have to worry about “not seeing/understanding/hearing His will”…if I’m seeking Him and asking that His will be done in my life….then I can’t miss Him or His will.

He wants to show me His way…in His time.He wants to lead me on His paths…for His name’s sake.He has great plans for me…all I need to do is trust Him, and follow. 

Step by step…at times, joyful skip by joyful skip, other times, sore-footed scuff by sore-footed scuff, but all times step by step. 

Where are my eyes to be? 


Not on my calloused feet.

Not on the cliff below.

Not on the vultures circling above.

Not on the roses left behind.


They are to be always on the Shepherd.  His nail-scarred hand is clasped tight about His staff to guide me.  From His waist hangs His rod to defend me, a jar of balm to soothe me, and a flask of oil to anoint me. 

He will never “space out” and lead me wrong…He will never forget about me…He will never be “too busy”…He will never take a path that wouldn’t be quite as good….He will never “miss” something that I, in my great wisdom, know would have been best.

He will, however, stop me from taking a path that I am dead-set on taking…I think the path leads to tulips, but He knows it’s really thetrash heap. 

I like to look over at other paths and say “See, God…THAT’S what I need.  That’s where I’d be happier…” 

Yeah, right. 

Actually, He knows that that path, even though it might not be inherently evil, it is something that would be a terrible fit for me, and would not allow me to use my capabilities in the way that would best glorify Him and also benefit me.


God is sovereign, and His paths are always best.

That’s the simple truth.

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  1. Thank you for this, Alex.

    I am seeking hard after Jesus about a couple of things … and I really needed to be reminded NOT to worry … ’cause that’s what I’ve been doing. And reminded that He IS sovereign. Whew! Why is it so much easier to SAY I trust Him and will follow no matter what than it is to actually DO it?! I will keep a strivin’ after HIM. Thanks for this reminder.


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