While You’re Waiting…


We all experience it in our lives.  Considering, the universal nature of it, maybe we should think on it a bit.  There are legions of things one could write about waiting. But, I’m going to focus on a particular angle we often don’t think about. I’ll be honest–the premise was taken from a conversation my dad had with a friend of his.  I just heard one sentence out of their conversation, but it hit me hard! So, without ado, my thoughts on the brilliant thoughts of these wise men:

When it comes to waiting, we often think of ourselves as tapping our toes in the corner, saying, “Ok, God, when you finish your cup of coffee over there, I’m ready to go”.

He laughs and says, “Child, you aren’t even out of your pajamas. I’m waiting on YOU.”


Let’s do a word picture, shall we?

We are runners preparing for a race.  The race is whatever we are waiting for, i.e., new job opportunites, relationships, marriage, children, moving, life after the death of a loved one, school, etc.  The waiting is what we are doing before the race.  We are trackside, standing near to the start line.  If you’ve watched a running race before, answer this: what do the runners do as they wait for the run to start? They don’t waste the time.  They prepare! Stretching, visualizing the race, talking with their coach, tying their shoes, everything.  They want to be completely ready for the race to begin.  And they know that it won’t start until the chairman cocks the pistol.

Take that picture and apply it to your own life.  Waiting does not equal wasting time, but preparation.  God is in charge of when the race starts; that is, when the waiting stops and the running begins.  We walk jauntily up to Him, saying, “I’m ready! Let’s go!”

“Nope,” He says with a wise grin, “You’re not ready.”

“What?!” we protest indignantly. “Whaddyamean, ‘not ready’?”

“Well,” God chuckles lovingly, “For starters, your shoes are untied and you’re wearing too many layers.”

“Fine,” we grumble.  Stomping to the changing room, we throw on a new outfit, thinking that THAT’LL fix it.  We know what’s going on. We’ll take care of it. What we have to do is cut and dried, right?

“OK, God, I’m ready now. Let’s go!” we say as we exit the changing room with our new outfit.

“What?” He shakes His head, “So you took off the winter coat and put on a clown suit.  Look, try asking ME what you should put on.  Change is only good if it’s the change I know you need…be open to what I’m going to do…it might not be what you were thinking, but, I know what I’m doing, Child.”


Hopefully by now, we are broken enough (embarrassed enough?) to give up and let God get us ready for the race.  Taking every moment as a chance to glorify God and grow in the lessons He desires, we will be ready when He decides the race should begin.  This race will not start until God has everything in place….standing around and thinking you’re ready will not speed up the start of the race. You have no control over that, really. 

Don’t waste this season of waiting–it is just as important as the season of running!  Ask the Chairman of the race what He would have you do in the here and now. Waiting is full of purpose.  Trust that the Lord knows just what needs done.  Embrace the waiting, knowing that there is a reason.



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  1. Your post is so on time,I really enjoyed it.For waiting is something we do have trouble doing wow.Thank God for helping us to get it right. Numbers 6:24~26 Thanks Alex for sharing.

  2. That really sounds like Lucado. Excellent word picture. I was picturing a Marathon race….which is an endurance race, not a 60 yard sprint.

    Did you ever tie your own shoestrings together? Yeeouch!


  3. Alex, how did you know this was what I needed!?! 🙂 This is what I have been trying to figure out this entire time! I didn’t realize it until I read your post. God has used you so many times to bring my focus back to Him…

    “In Dependence”

  4. wow – this is so profound. Thanks for sharing!

  5. You have some good thoughts here.
    Waiting is sooo hard at times.
    I am always afraid that I will miss
    God. But your Dad always reminds
    me that if I am seeking the Lord while
    I wait I won’t miss what He is wanting
    to do in my life or in the lives of those I love.
    Seek the LORD.
    Wait on the LORD.
    Call upon the LORD.
    and He will take all the waiting and
    create something beautiful in and around you!

  6. I LOVE your word pictures!! Thanks for sharing this today!! 🙂

  7. Ahh! Good stuff! Good stuff, Alex!!!! Man!

    Thank you!!!!!!!!! It’s so fun to hear a confirmation every now and then. God’s been pressing this EXACT story upon my heart over the past few weeks. “Wait, my child. But while you’re waiting … DO! Do what I’ve called you. Be the woman I’ve called you to be! There is no reason to sit and piddle your thumbs! Do! Be! Keep!” …. Yeah!

    Yes!!!!!! Thank you, my Surrender Sister! I am so thankful that God is teaching us the same things … in many of the same ways. OUr God is faithful! Keep at it, my friend! We’re preparing for this race together! And we’re runnin’ it together!

    Love ya! And see ya tonight for our Jesus Talk! 😀

  8. Yes, this was a very good post. The only thing for me is, I’m not sure what I’m waiting for.
    However, I can take your words to heart and focus more clearly on the Lord and what He wants me to be, do, learn, etc. Here and Now.
    I’ll say it again Alex. A very good post!

  9. You are a good writer, Alex. Yay for homeschooling! Seriously, God has given you a gift for expressing your thoughts in a very visual and encouraging way. Thanks so much for sharing this uplifting post. When I wait, I am continually amazed at God’s creativity. He NEVER solves a problem like I expected Him to…

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