Music…Poetry of the Heart

Music is powerful.  It is one of the grandest mediums by which humans articulate their emotions.  If poetry is the method of expressing feelings through words, then music is the method of expressing feelings without words.  It is the poetry of the heart.  It becomes a means for expressing vast emotions, for relieving stress, and for developing a special bond with others. 

Sentiments too deep to be placed into words can be communicated through the glorious means of music.  The most obvious example of this is love.  Switch on the radio, roll through the stations, and a large majority of songs you hear will relate to love found or love lost.  Love is a strangely varied emotion that defies mere text.  But when that text is set to music, it is enhanced and grows in its meaning. One thinks of the lyrics to Jim Croce’s tune “I’ll Have to Say I Love You in a Song”:

“Ev’ry time I tried to tell you
The words just came out wrong
So I’ll have to say I love you in a song.”

Many people struggle to state their deepest passions in words, but music becomes the tool of their hearts to say what they need to say.  Just as poetry has unleashed many a bard’s fervor, music facilitates the expression of feelings. 

            Music not only allows us to tell others important things, it provides an excellent outlet for ourselves.  The demands and difficulties of school, work, and relationships can easily dishearten us if we do not have a place of relief.  Fortunately, music relieves this pressure in a way few other things can.  This clearly holds true in my own life; many nights you can find me pouring out my heart’s contents at the piano.  Many of the emotions I could not place into a sentence or paragraph, yet, they are fully fleshed out in the music.  Similar sentiments are held by those who do not play an instrument.  They find great relaxation and relief in hearing the gentle murmurs of a piano, or the soothing tones of a saxophone.  Music brings peace and rest to our hearts like little else in this world.  Poets of words agree-poetry provides escape and space to dream.

             Perhaps an often overlooked quality of music is its ability to draw people together.  There is something bonding about creating melodies with another musician.  Words are not spoken, yet camaraderie is formed.  Two or more people share a journey of notes, a series of musical experiences that communicates to their hearts deeper than words alone.  As any band or orchestra member will tell you, they feel a sense of family with their fellow musicians, even if they do not truly know each other.

            The emotional power music provides is amazing, and plays itself out in our daily experiences.  Many hearts are lightened and enlightened because of it. We can all be released into freedom of expression through music, the poetry of the heart.

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  1. I didn’t know you played the piano! I played when I was younger, but have never owned a piano as an adult. I have always felt this way about music…it seems like there are few things in this life capable of evoking the kind of emotion in the human heart like music does.

  2. Ditto. I’ve always felt very connected with music. Whether I’m playing, singing, or just listening, I’m often stirred deep within. One of my favorite things to do is to put on headphones with a good CD and close my eyes and, well, you know the rest. 😉

  3. So, Miss Sniz, you don’t count the piano (albeit an electronic keyboard) I got you for Christmas a few years ago? I’m pretty sure you were an adult when I purchased it.

    Alex – Great post. I often have to pick up my guitar and play when I get home from work. I love it best when I’m not aware of anyone around me.

  4. You already know how I feel about music…

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