Why? Wine-ot?


Go pour yourself a nice glass of Pinot Grigio, or grape juice if you are underage (I’d rather not be indicted for encouraging underage drinking).  Here we go on another word analogy/how you can find God-lessons everywhere….

Why people are not like wines:

•1.)    You can’t predict what changes time will bring.

You can put wine in the barrel and know that it will improve in flavor as it grows, and you know pretty much what flavor it will take on.  It’s rather predictable.  But people aren’t like that.  You can’t expect someone to be a whole lot better after a few years have gone by.  You can’t put up with their faults because “they’ll be gone pretty soon”.  Also, there’s no predicting what changes will take place in the person. 

Lesson: Don’t love someone for who they might be, but for who they are now.

•2.)    You can’t judge them by just a sip. 

Professional wine tasters can ascertain volumes about a wine’s character with a sniff and a tiny swig.  But it takes a long, long time to truly learn someone’s character.  You cannot merely take a “sip” of them and know essentially all there is to know. 

Lesson: Don’t jump to conclusions with a mere mouthful.

•3.)    You can’t judge them by their labels. 

If you think about it, about everything in the wine is on the label: flavor, color, grape type, winery, location of origin, methods of production, etc.  But, with people, labels mean next to nothing.  And outward appearance is only a dangerous tool for poor assumption when it comes to a person’s heart.

Lesson: Ignore the labels and taste the actual thing.

•4.)    They don’t smell better the deeper breath you take. 

Somehow, wine aficionados manage to inhale so long it would make Michael Phelps whimper.  But people?  Keep your nose to yourself. Yikes.

 Ok, so the real purpose in this point is that the more you get the know people deeper, you will find some neat things, but you will also find some uglies.  Just don’t expect perfection, do realize that you aren’t close to it anyways, and you won’t be shocked by any stench you may encounter.  It doesn’t mean you like the stink, and you can certainly be opposed to it, but still stick with the wine/person.  This is grace in action.

Lesson: Don’t be alarmed by odors, but love people in spite of them.

•5.)    They don’t come with a Surgeon General’s warning.

People don’t, but they should.  If you think about it, most of the stresses, anger, bitterness, and “stuff” in your life come from people.  Relationships are the hinge upon which much of our lives turn.  But because each relationship involves two or more people, there is a high probability of strife in at least one point.  This isn’t to be cynical, but to remind you that people have the capacity to be hazardous to your health. 

Lesson: Strive to be a person who heals, not hurts.

So maybe I’m not as cute as that little girl in the “Welch’s Grape Juice” commercials, but still.  Interesting thoughts, no?

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  1. As I always say
    Where two or three are gathered
    there is strife!!! Ha!
    God put us together to grow us and
    reveal His Beauty.

  2. I like the word picture on this one…. Steve Sherril kind of taught me about not judging people by the first glance.

  3. Ooo … nice thoughts. As always. 🙂

    Thanks, Surrender Sister! 😀

  4. I am not very musical myself (somewhat musically challenged if you will – but still an appreciator of music). My husband (gifted musician) on the other hand would probably be very much in agreement with this post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I don’t think I’d heard that analogy before… good thoughts.

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