Are You an Energizer Bunny?

Go get your Bible, flip it open to James, then read 1:2-8.  These thoughts are somewhat in order of passage…

We are to consider trials all joy.  Not “occasional pockets of joy”, but all joy.  This comes in part from a heart that is excited to grow, that seeks earnestly the lessons that God has for us and for others as we go through trials.  We do not need to fear trials and can count it joy because we know that God will not leave us.  We have full assurance that He is standing at our side, and will always pull us through.  There are no half-baked ideas with God-He will always bring His work to perfection and completion. (Phil 1:6)

The testing of our faith produces endurance.  The Christian walk is a marathon, not a sprint.  Endurance is necessary to finish a marathon.  The runner practices for his race by training his body to endure the entire thing; our spiritual lives are no different.  Trials bring endurance for us to keep going, going, going until the finish.  We are to be a crowd of Energizer bunnies.

Once it completes its job in us, this endurance brings us to a new level of spiritual maturity.  It’s one of God’s tools to grow us and strengthen us.

When we don’t know what to do, we should ask God.  There is never a time when He cannot help us.  From the everyday and simple to the unspeakably deep, He knows everything about you and your trials.  He is more than willing to provide the help, the answers, and the wisdom that we need to navigate the many curves in the race course of life.  He gives generously; we should strive to be like our Father: generous, impartial, forgiving givers, not just of money, but of time, kind words, and other things.

We must ask in faith.   If we ask God for something but secretly don’t believe that He can do it, that’s not faith at all.  We must trust in His power and His ways.  This doesn’t mean always insisting that “I know God will make it happen my way because I asked Him to.”  It means that, when we ask for Him to show us His will for a situation, we will trust Him to show it and that it will be right. 

Double-mindedness is part of instability.  But the one who trusts fully in God cannot be moved-he is stable because he has a solid foundation.  We must have a solid foundation of faith and trust in our Rock and Redeemer.  This comes out in our prayers and our asking, because we ask with full assurance that God hears and will answer according to His holy purpose.

This also holds true during our trials: the man with a solid foundation will not be shaken, because He trusts in God. He can endure because he is not running this marathon off of his own strength but that of the Lord.  That strength is boundless, which is why we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.  (Phil. 4:13)

Bottom line: Hang in there, and trust God.  He is faithful and will do great things.  Let Him work His perfect work in His perfect time, and trust Him all the while.

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  1. Mmm hmm! Once again! Another great post full of amazing wisdom! Words. Words from Alex … any words from Alex. One of the greatest blessings in my life right now. 🙂 Thank you, friend!

    I’m workin’ on being an Energizer Bunny! 😀

  2. OK-have you been hiding in my bedroom when I have my quiet times?

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