These are a few of my favorite things…

Now that Barrett is singing loudly everything from Sound of Music, thanks to this title, here we go.  Apparently, the vogue post in the blog community is a list of things that make you happy. (Ok, so Alec and Mical did it, and that’s enough to create a fad in the blogosphere.)

I won’t put in much of the spiritual stuff, since that’s joy, and the whole joy/happiness dynamic is beyond the scope of this post/hour of the night.

Sight: Flickering candles.  Pianos. Clean and organized anything. Friends coming up the driveway. Snowflakes shooting past the window.  Crisp blue skies and vibrant fall trees.  Hand-written letters.  Flannel.  A well-stocked pantry.  My Bible.  Small, cozy homes.  Wood work.  Quilts.  Woodstoves. Moonlight.

Taste: Hot food.  Fruit.  Mrs. Nilsen’s apple pie, still warm.  Stuffing.  Mama’s homemade caramel rolls. Pickles.  Really hot, almost bitter tea.  Salted butter.  Lightly toasted bread with butter.  Raw apple cider from Beasley’s.  Cheese and grapes together. 

Touch: Baby hands around my neck.  The weight of a child on my hip.  Children in fleece clothing, especially when they give you hugs.  Warm water in the morning.  Dusty dirt beneath my feet.  A hand on my arm from a friend who knows just what I feel.  High fives from Alec.  My Bible.  Flannel.  Wood floors. A hot cup in my hand.

Hearing: Cars on gravel roads and driveways.  Tin whistles.  Accents.  Wind rustling grass.  Wind whistling through pines.  Quiet & soulful violins.  The sound of my name (this may sound selfish, but honestly: few people say my name, prefering the anonymous “hey, you”.) Creaking trees.  Creaking floors & porch swings.  Swinging doors. Trickling creeks.

Smells: Woodsmoke.  Vanilla.  Clean clothes.  Fresh air, especially that first warm day in March when you can literally smell spring.  Fall leaves.  Home-made bread.  My Bible.  Hot cinnamon/clove tea.  Old houses. Old woodwork.  Fresh wood.  

Now you know a bit more about what I like, which relates to who I am.  Looks like I’m a simple, old-fashioned girl who likes comfortable, homey things.  Sounds just right to me.

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  1. Alex, I loved this post! We have so much in common. I just may have to join all of you and write a post like this.
    While I’m here I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your comments on my blog. You have been such a sweet encouragement to me lately as I’ve gone through all kinds of emotions and convictions and weariness and confusion. I read every post your write but lately I’ve been feeling empty or distracted and writing comments on people’s blogs has fallen by the wayside. Yes, I know. It’s very narcissistic. (sp? Oh, who cares. You get the point.)
    Anyway-Thank you for your friendship and encouragement!

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