November has been making a rather blatant arrival this past week. Below 30 this morning in Indiana!  As we feel the change of natural seasons, let us reflect a bit upon the seasons of life.  God gives us different seasons in our lives, each one bringing its own set of good, bad, fun, annoying, exhilarating, and hard.  Savor the beauty of now, and take the less beautiful parts in stride, understanding that it will not be forever like this.  If we are so busy straining after the next season, we will miss the glory and opportunites God has given us in this season, things that will not be in the next one.  If we spend all winter dreaming of summer, we will miss the stunning snowflakes, steaming hot chocolate, crisp morning air, sparkling frost, and chances to sled and skate.  If you are looking for green grass, worms, and robins, you will miss the breathtaking beauty of a vibrant red cardinal perched against a snow-dusted branch. Once summer comes, we can appreciate its warmth all the more because we were fully awake to the cold of winter. No one season of our lives is better than the other–each consists of its own series of pros and cons.  Let’s overflow with thankfulness for all He has given us in this season of our lives, realizing that wishing for what is not now is not only pointless, it is destructive, and will cheat us out of the amazing things God has in store for us this seaon.

Whether that season is singleness, heavy school load, new job opportunities, still living at home, parenthood, illness, etc., etc., take it with joy and glorify God with whatever you get.  If God gives you lemonade, thank Him for it and share it.  And when you get lemons (not if, but when), make some darn good lemonade anyway!

God will be just as faithful, just as sure, just as loving in the next season as He is in this one, and as He was in the past seasons.

Are you living this season to its fullest?  Are you content with what God has seen fit to give you (or NOT give you) in this season?

Are you thankful?


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  1. This was a good post Alex-I’m so depressed over B.O. winning the election that I’m not even enjoying this “season” with Barrett and Alec. No wonder the bible says today has enough worries of its own….
    Not only that, but I often find myself so caught up in my to-do list and plans for “tomorrow” that I miss today. Or I think about all my “yesterdays” and think that life was better/easier then than it is now.
    I love what you said:
    “Let’s overflow with thankfulness for all He has given us in this season of our lives, realizing that wishing for what is not now is not only pointless, it is destructive, and will cheat us out of the amazing things God has in store for us this seaon.”
    Thank you for slapping me upside the head. I needed it. 🙂

  2. Alex:

    This is great stuff. I just found your blog and made a link to it from my own. These words are very wise for such a young pup. I would encourage you to keep them somewhere to remind you about them five years from now, ten years from now, etc. It gets more difficult as you grow older and add on more responsibilities–plus you have people depending on you and you’ve made yourself vulnerable to those that love you. Your words are RIGHT ON.

  3. Sweet, Alex!!! Great wisdom! And didn’t we talk about this at our last Jesus talk? Amazing!!! Thanks for the reminder!

    You are an amazing woman! Thanks for sharing your life with me … through blogging … through Jesus talks … through e-mail … through your hugs … through just being who you are in Christ. I think you are super great! Hope we can chat again soon!

    Love ya, friend!

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