In a recent email, my dear buddy Alec ( and I were discussing lessons we’ve learned through messy times in our lives.  Speaking of a messy time, he said: “I feel closer to God now than I ever have. I think that that is what God wants.”

Isn’t that so true?

We are to glorify God and enjoy Him.  The closer we are to Him, the better we can do that. Here’s an analogy:  When someone is on the other side of the room, you see little of them and much of the walls/floor/tables/etc.  But as you step closer to them, the more of them and the less of the background you see.  I think that our relationship with God is that way, too: The more of Him that fills our vision, the less we notice of the other “stuff”.  May we be so enraptured with Jesus that He becomes the focus of our every action, thought, desire, and so forth and so on.

Perspective is everything.

Is your perspective right?

Is your perspective glorifying God today?


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  1. Ha! That is hilarious! Hilarious because that is EXACTLY what God is teaching me right now! “Mical, just focus all of yourself on ME, and then the mess in your life will not seem like such a big deal. Give me ALL of your attention! I have GREAT plans for you!”

    Yep … thanks for the reminder!

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