Spiritual Spelunking

Sunday, I was blessed with the opportunity to go hiking with some of my dearest brothers and sisters in Christ.  We chose to visit McCormick’s Creek because of Wolf Cave, since some of us had the itch to go spelunking. 

  • As usual, I was leading.
  • As usual, I was getting extremely dirty.
  • As usual, I was laughing and having a fine time.
  • As usual, I was thinking and attempting to formulate analogies.

So here is the product of my ruminations. 

Question: What kind of metaphor for the Christian life do we see in cave exploring?

Here are my semi-organized answers:

  • When we go through a cave with no lights, we must trust our leader implicitly. We realize that we can’t see anything and have no logical reason to trust our own vision. Therefore, we place everything-even our lives-into the hands of the one in front. If we were using flashlights, or could see in the dark, we would not need a leader, let alone need to trust him. We could follow our own sight and zip right through. But when there are no lights, and we ignore the leader, we will at best stumble and hurt ourselves, and could quite easily get lost, trapped, or killed.
  • Our Christian life is the same way. We have no vision of our own; we are essentially to clueless to the who, how, where, when, and why of life. We are in darkness. But this is not a hopeless statement! We have a Shepherd who will guide us lovingly and flawlessly through the cave of this life. This is a real challenge for me comprehend in difficult and blurry circumstances: If we had light, we could not trust our leader. We would trust our own sight and judgment; unfortunately, it is still often quite poor, and we would end up taking a dead end or choosing an extremely dangerous path without knowing it.  And that’s with light–we try the same things in darkness and get even worse results! We should praise God when we can’t see clearly in circumstances, because it gives us better opportunities to trust Him. We don’t want light of our own; we want to lean upon Him and trust in His ways.
  • There is great danger in leaving the path of the Leader. You will end up stumbling and getting lost, injuring yourself unnecessarily. Trust the Guide, even when you don’t think He’s right, because, He really is right, you know. We just don’t think He’s right because His choices don’t always match ours, and we don’t want to see that we are wrong. (Isaiah 55:8-9)

My blogging buddy and adopted brother Alec (http://alittlebitofnothing-willy.blogspot.com) gave a good point on this:

  • When we try and seek on our own, we pay for it. Through situations, we end up bashing our heads against things because we don’t ask God for directions-we’re feeling with our hands, but they lie.

 (I paraphrased you, Alec, but it isn’t plagiarism because I credited the ideas to you.)

The conclusion we draw, then, is this:

“Commit your way to the LORD, 

Trust also in Him, and He will do it.” (Psalm 37:5)

Praise God that we have a Shepherd who will lead us through the winding caves of life, and into the glorious light. 

He will never get lost.  He will never get stuck.  He will never abandon us.

He will always bind us up.  He will always carry us when we are weak.  He will always take us step by step to where He wants us to be-closer to Him!

May you all feel the hand of our Great Guide in your lives this week, my friends!


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  1. Yet another great post! … I read this a week or so ago, but since I was supposed to be fasting ENTIRELY from blogging and such, I decided not to post about it. Ha! Yes, I did cheat just a little on my e-mail/blog fast. 😉

    So my favorite parts of this post are the following ….
    #1 – We don’t always think He’s right because His choices don’t always match ours. — Oh, my. How true. I’ve been battling this for the past few months … and you’re right – God IS always right! We all knew that, but sometimes I’m a little slow. Yep …
    #2 – We should praise God when we can’t see clearly in circumstances because our lack of clarity forces us (and gives us opportunities) to TRUST HIM! — Yet another lesson I am learning! To trust Jesus even though I can’t see a thing!

    Wow! Really good stuff! Even the second time around! 😉 Thanks for sharing! I heart your analogies!

    Hope to see ya soon, sista!

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