Got Stress? Get Jesus.

Yes, I know, that title sounds like a bumper sticker on a junky Yugo.  Whatever. I’m tired and I don’t care what you guys think anymore………………………..

So, yeah…..I think I’m stressed. 

Case in point:

  • I’ve lost 5 or 6 pounds in the past couple days. (At my size, I really don’t want to lose weight!)
  • My face is breaking out in exciting, unprecedented ways.
  • I was basically emotional wreckage this morning–and I almost never even cry. 

But through the confusion and weirdness, God’s been teaching me lots of invaluable lessons.

Here’s what I’ve been learning, folks.

Everything is a choice:

  • Will I praise God or will I complain and stay focused on the negatives?
  • Will I worry about tomorrow, or trust in my almighty Savior?
  • Will I keep track of wrongs or will I forgive and move on?
  • What will I dwell on?
  • What will I build my life around?
  • What will I spend my time on?


Each choice can lead us either closer to God or more full of ourselves.  The two (self and Jesus) cannot coexist–they simply cannot!  We must realize that God’s gameplan is not to fix us up a bit, give us a touch-up, or tinker with us until we’re “good enough”.  As my grandpa would say, “Cheer up!  God wants to kill you!”

The goal is to kill Alex, and replace her with Jesus. 


I just need to understand that, and let the Lord remove whatever is left of the old depraved woman, and replace her with the new glorious and pure creation in Christ that I am supposed to be.


Just how do I get there?






How many times must I write it?  I feel like such a wreck right now–I’m not even sure why.  (well, I pretty much know that basic situation, but I’m not sure what specific things are causing this meltdown.)

But, yet, I will not wallow in “the slough of despond” (Pilgrim’s Progress.)  Through the blurriness that is now, I am growing closer to Jesus…O, my Jesus…He’s mine now and forever!  Hallelujah!  He never changes, He will never misunderstand me, He will never let go of me, and He will always, unconditionally love me. 






Hmm…This post follows that pattern of a lot of the Psalms.  The writer begins depressed, whines about his life, remembers who God is, and ends with praise and thanksgiving.

Isn’t it amazing what a priority check will do? 

That Peace is making lots of sense now, but….I need help to hold on to it.  I tend to forget about what it is and where it’s coming from, and lay it aside in a flurry of worries.

Do any of you ever do that? 

Thanks for listening to me.  I am so blessed to have my blogger friends read my scrambled rambles and pray for me.  Please keep reading and praying! 


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  1. Ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    EXACTLY how I’m feeling, my dear friend! I don’t know YOUR situation, but I DO know the pain and chaos and continual conviction to surrender everything to Jesus! I’m right there with you, sister!

    Keep seeking! Keep striving! Keep loving! Keep trusting! Keep going! Keep! Keep! Keep! Go! Go! Go!

    I am in the same boat … ever working on putting away Mical and putting on Jesus! I’ve been working on that all the harder the past 2 months! It is HARD! But God is faithful to keep us going! Keep runnin’ the race! Keep fightin’ the fight!

    I’m praying for you, Alex! Love you, friend!

  2. Yes, mmmhmm, yes. I am sorry to report that the meltdown/rejoice cycle does not get much better by the time you get to be my age. Anne Lamott writes that she says two prayers: Help help help, and Thank you thank you thank you. Me too.

    Love you, and thanks for my out-of-the-blue note– made my week!

  3. I think one of the most difficult things to do during funky times – is to dwell on God and His goodness. It is much easier to moan, complain, worry, stay in bed, or my favorite, throw stuff……….like a stick of butter….or a carpet sweeper.

    It is indeed a choice that we make to emerge from the pupae case of our lives and let God shower us with rays of hope and peace. If we do not emerge – we will never develop into the beautiful creature God desires.

    Dying and being re-created is the plan. Only God can pull it off.

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