Stability in Craziness

Point 1.) To live is Christ (Phil. 1:21)


Point 2.) Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Heb. 13:8)


Conclusion: we have a solid focus and foundation. 


We are stable!  Yes, we feel depressed, sad, lonely, angry, and so forth from time to time, because we are humans living in fallen world, in which tough stuff happens.  But, we can overcome, and continue to have a Christ-like attitude through whatever circumstances we face.  Our personalities, character, reactions, attitudes, and perceptions ARE NOT based upon exterior circumstances, but upon Christ, and He is always the same.  Always. 

We know in our hearts and our minds that our sovereign God is faithful, and He knows what He’s doing. Read Philippians 4:19-20. That’s a verse to give you peace in your soul and a smile on your face.

Keep hanging in there, my brothers and sisters.  Jesus knows just what you need, what you fear, what you are confused about, what you want, what you wonder…….and He will supply just what is right in just the right time–His time.


PS When you need a reminder of what life’s all about, when you need your perspective set aright, please read this:

It may be long, but it is more than worth it. 

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  1. EXACTLY what God’s been feeding my spirit lately!

    “Mical, focus on me. It doesn’t matter what this crazy life throws at you … honor ME with your attitude – with your LIFE.”

    And just this morning … I was having a hard time waking up and getting the day started, mentioning to my dad that I didn’t want to go to school, that I don’t like my classes … and he simply said, “It’s another day to live for Jesus!” What a reminder! Convicted me right away!

    We can’t let the tough stuff get us down … we have to be consistent and ever striving in our attitude … and in LIVING OUR LIVES FOR JESUS! Yay for godly friends (and parents) with godly reminders! I’ll keep working at it!

    Thanks for another great post, friend!

  2. Wow.
    Thank you Alex, I needed that!
    I have a hard time overcoming with a
    Christ-like attitude!
    Thank you for another encouraging post!

  3. If we based more stuff on that truth – we would have less divorce, less selfish wanderings, less stress, less gas pains, and less stoooopid arguments.

    How much would that all be? 😉

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