Wow–I’m Pop-ular! (Or soda-ular, if you prefer)

Thanks, everybody, for the overwhelming response to my past post.  It leaves 3 conclusions to be drawn:

1.) I should stop posting my “intellectual and sophisticated” thoughts–obviously you guys have a lot more fun with other stuff, like celebrity comments and pictures of my gorgeous self.

2.) Considering the affect upon my popularity, I really should have gotten that haircut a long time ago.

3.) You all were incredibly bored and had nothing else to do but post loony comments about my hair, Matt Damon, other people’s hair, and the ongoing debate over whose church is cooler.

Thank you each and everyone for the laughs we all got out of that last post!

Let’s get back in the swing of thinking, ok?  That’s what the “What is worship?” post is for.


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  1. Never, never, never give in to that sickening pressure to trivialize your thoughts or allow the flippant to dominate all your conversations! Some folks will think you’re strange at best and snobbish at worst, but ceasing to dwell in and on Eternal matters (read: biblical) is deadly.

    A light post is fun, but I’m glad you’re back!

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