My Exciting News

Well, folks, the big news over here is I got a haircut.  (Hey, don’t laugh.  My threshold of excitement is pretty low these days.  DId I hear you say “you need to get out more, Alex”?  🙂

The first haircut in about 10 months….that’s pretty close together for me.  Less than a year!

I’m giving you all a sneak preview……

Ahh...a haircut feels so good!

Ahh...a haircut feels so good!

Am I laughing or rolling my eyes?
Am I laughing or rolling my eyes?

That’s all I have for now!

I’ll put up a “real” post soon…….
Alex, the newly shorn sheep.
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  1. Hey, looks great! Brad Pitt will be calling tomorrow morning for sure now…

    Have a great day!


    PS Laughing, definitely.

  2. Ben, I’m not sure Brad is Alex’s type. I think she could do better. Alex, tell Brad no…besides you have plans for Friday already anyway.

    Looks beauteeful, Alex! I hope mine turns out as well!

  3. You’re right Rachel – she could do better. Donald Trump for sure. Actually, Brad has been a running joke between Alex and I for awhile. She’s just waiting for him to leave his wife and kids (5? 6?).

    So Alex, don’t you love it when people talk about you in the third person on your own blog?! Ha!

  4. Haha! Yes, Ben, I got my hair just so Brad would start calling. I know he’s looking at my blog, drooling anxiously for even the slightest of glimpses of me.

    Ok, Rachel, you’ve convinced me. I’ll set my standards higher. Maybe I could convince John Travolta to accompany me next Friday–anybody want to go disco club dancing with us?
    Thanks for the compliments!
    I’m not guaranteeing that it will look as nice on Friday after a day of hat-heading it. 😉

    I’m sure your hair will look great whatever ‘do you you do, Rachel!

    Ben and Chad, want to join the fun and get a new style? You would both make charming blondes…don’t you think so, Rachel? Or maybe a bit of surfer dude shag hair…..oh yeah.

    P.S. Yep, I think I was laughing, too.

  5. Chad’s only other hair options at this point are: shaved completely bald, extensions, or a wig. Which will he go with? All will be revealed Friday night.

    I still need to go steal something to wear from my mom. So far I’ve secured some pearls and LOTS of hairspray to glue my short hair in place (thanks for the tip, Ben).

    John Travolta is a good dancer, I’ll give you that. But he’s going to be 55 this February. Don’t you think that’s a little too old? No?

  6. How about Matt Damon? He could get you to the symphony if Indy had a nuclear meltdown.

  7. I wonder what Benjamin would look like with jet-black hair? His baby blues would really sparkle then!

  8. OK Mom, I’ll dye my hair tonight and you can see : ) Bailey always said I should darken my hair and gel it. Maybe… nah.
    I like that better than Alex’s suggestion of becoming a blonde though! I can’t believe I’m discussing hair styles online with my mother…

    See what your highly intelligent, sophisticated blog has devolved into Alex? You better shut this conversation down fast!

  9. HOLD IT! There is *no way* you are going out with Matt Damon. There is no way you will mention his name ever again, or even think about him. None of you are allowed to watch his movies. He said that Sarah Palin is “like a really bad disney movie”, he made fun of her and said that the thought of her being president is “a really scary thing” and that McCain’s choice was a “disaster”:

    I bet that she could beat the living daylights out of him…

    OK, that’s all : )

  10. I think Matt Damon is an excellent choice, Judy. Unfortunately his movie girlfriends don’t seem to last too long, so maybe not a good choice in the end. I’m painting my toenails for tomorrow. You all better notice.

  11. I think you all are a hoot!

    My vote is … wait! Guys are WAY too complicated! (We women are too … but that’s another story!) No guys until you’re … 45! … Okay … maybe 39 1/2. Ha ha!

    And the hair … nice! 🙂

  12. Hey there Alex! Just ran into your blog from Judy’s page–love it!! You really make me think, and I really enjoy that!! You have some great stuff to say! By the way, it was great having lunch and talking with you for a little bit last Sunday–you should definitely come back to Grace sometime! (Only the cool people go to GFC!! 😉 )

  13. And hey! I just had a successful post, Alex! Maybe I can start posting on your blog now! Woot! 😉

  14. What the heck, Hannah!? I know you go to Grace and all, but man. Calvary people are cool too!!!! Sheesh maneesh. Have you been talking to Ben??? You really shouldn’t do that too much. Ha ha! (Sheesh, Ben! You’re rubbing off on Hannah now! She was the ONLY one left, I think! Now? I’m all alone in thinking that Calvary people are cool. Sadness.)

    Ha! Too much fun!

  15. You weren’t supposed to see that Mical!! 🙂 haha Calvary people are cool too…but…

  16. Mical, look here!
    Ben, don’t look here!
    I’m gonna say it:

    Calvary People are Cool.

  17. …but you all forgot to mention Don King!!

  18. Well, I’m glad you two agree! Sheesh! But we’ll never get Ben to agree. *Sigh*

    I guess we still like him though. …. I guess. 😉

  19. Who cares which church has the coolest people? The important thing is this:
    Benjamin-you NEED to remember to dye your eyebrows when you dye your hair black! If not, YOU won’t look cool. You’ll look…stupid.


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