Cien (100) cosas que me gustan mucho

There appears to be a theme emerging amongst “real bloggers”–lists about yourself.  So, I thought I’d give you guys one.  Here is a list, in no particular order, of 100 things that I enjoy (some are more trivial than others)
1.) reading a great variety–particularly that which is mentally, psychologically, and spiritually stimulating
2.) intellectual conversations
3.) hiking
4.) playing cards
5.) playing piano
6.) singing in harmony
7.) laughing
8.) talking in accents
9.) organizing things
10.) picking up things
11.) making things look neat and pretty–aesthetic adjustment
12.) solving word puzzles
13.) using my brain
14.) problem solving
15.) teaching people
16.) learning new skills
17.) the arts
18.) reading a complex and ingenious sentence that makes its point through exact word choice
19.) responsibility
20.) working with people
21.) seeing new sights
22.) community
23.) dressing up and feeling pretty
24.) talking candidly with my parents
25.) farmer’s markets
26.) working with my hands
27.) baking and cooking, especially for other people
28.) drama
29.) managing things
30.) watching good live theater
31.) being one of the people in charge
32.) understanding how and why things work
33.) planning things
34.) tinkering with computer stuff and being geeky
35.) being “in the know”
36.) being physically active
37.) studying my Bible
38.) nutritional eating
39.) solving math problems with a pragmatic emphasis (i.e., how many grams of sugar per 5 Tbs?)
40.) making lists
41.) crossing off lists
42.) iced green tea
43.) listening to classical music
44.) playing with kids
45.) being ladylike
46.) sorting and minimizing
47.) chatting with friends while I work
48.) clever wordplays
49.) holding babies (I love the feel of a child’s hand stealing around my neck)
50.) practicing my Spanish in real-life settings
51.) technological terminology
52.) reading the paper and understanding world issues
53.) critical thinking, reading, and writing
54.) discussing life’s spiritual aspects with brothers and sisters in Christ
55.) helping the hurting
56.) micromanaging things, especially budgets
57.) being “up do date”
58.) analyzing things
59.) daydreaming about my wedding and marriage
60.) great variety–no two days just  the same
61.) writing (especially essays)
62.) learning new information
63.) maturing in many ways
64.) big, obscure, & precise words
65.) history
66.) being appreciated
67.) depth
68.) worshipping Christ
69.) exploring new areas–blazing my own trail when hiking
70.) a good pen with plenty of ink
71.) stretching–physically and psychologically
72.) giving gifts
73.) thunderstorms
74.) snow
75.) a neat, well-stocked pantry
76.) talking with Hans
77.) real communication
78.) cold sheets at night
79.) time with real friends that involves real fellowship
80.) projects
81.) improvising music at the piano–so relaxing
82.) humming
83.) whistling
84.) taking photographs
85.) preparing for things
86.) nurturing and caring for things
87.) early mornings
88.) being busy and productive
89.) making pretty penmanship
90.) blogs
91.) trivia
92.) nuts and raisins
93.)  family history
94.) phone calls, e-mails, and letters for me
95.) being invited
96.) cheesecake (!!!!)
97.) being treated like the adult that I really am
98.) reading aloud to my family something that piqued my interest
99.) the smell of books (I seriously think that Yankee should work on a “Eau de Library” candle.)
100.) Walking around downtown and seeing the wildly varied demographics
I can’t believe that I made it to 100!  Woohoo!  Now, if people will only read that far….:)
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