Hello, everybody!  Sorry I took so long to update…I honestly don’t have anything to say sometimes.  🙂  Since I still don’t have anything super-exciting to share with you, how ’bout some poetry?  Here’s a poem I wrote in my freshman year of high school…as you can see, I was a rather dramatic, but sincere, 9th grader.  Please, let me know what you think of it….what it says to you….I’m joyously anticipating your comments!



When my soul is racked with bouts of strife,

I feel that I’ve ruined my life,


All day I peer around the bend,

Just waiting for the day to end.


So I can crawl into my bed,

And analyze my aching head.


Casting off my daytime sham

I become who I really am:


No more blithe pretentious smiles,

No more faux coquettish wiles.


O, how I wish that I could be

Continually the honest me!


To live without that filmy veil,

But ev’ry time I try I fail.


For I know not who I really am,

So I throw on a daylight sham.


But when that blessed darkness falls,

I let down all my fortress walls;


My soul’s very pith then on display,

The mess I gathered from today;


The mess left over from the past,

The things I worry will not last.


I sort through that jumbled-up heap– 

Things to lose and things to keep.


But somehow every single time,

I sift that messy soul of mine,


The tangles and the weighty care,

I find within a soul laid bear,


Tell me I cannot live alone;

I need the help of the Greater One,


The only One whose hand can pull

Away my veil and make me full


Of grace and gratitude toward Him,

Who washed away my every sin.


The gift of pure transparency,

A blissful chance given to me


By God, to take away that sham,

Ah yes, I now know who I am!


I am a beloved child of God,

My Father in whose steps I trod.


Yes, I am quite confident—

With God I’ll live a life well spent!


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