Do Hard Things

What’s on my shelf these days: Do Hard Things, by Alex and Brett Harris.  Although I am only part way through the book, I would definitely recommend it to people of all ages!  Specifically, it is geared towards teens and young adults, urging them to leave their comfort zones and rebel against the low expectations that society has set for them.  I think it would be appropriate for people of all ages; for example, my Moma read it and found it very challenging.

As I’ve been reading it, I’ve been in agreement with so much of what they say.  It’s truly a confirmation of what I’ve been saying for years now about the myth of “Okay, so you’re, like, a teen, so you get to, like, totally party and do your own thing for 10 years”!  They’ve also thrown in some really challenging stuff about doing hard things for God’s glory, and not letting your fears (of other people’s reactions, of your own incapability, of embarassment, of precedent, etc.) stop you from becoming who God is calling you to be.

As I was reading, I felt that Oh Yeah!/Oh no! feeling…that one of, I bet God’s going to use this to rework my thinking and possibly even my life….that’s a really thrilling and terrifying thought!  Sure enough, God placed a wild idea on my mind.  Nothing truly wild; it just seemed wild at the time…it was only buying a gift certificate for our retiring paper carrier (who I’ve never met).  I wheedled my way around as long as I could, tried to rationalize my out of it, but the Holy Spirit was so persistent!  🙂

Finaly, I gave in.  (Why does it take me so long to do that?!  I know the answer, and it ain’t purty: Because I want my own way–I think my own way is better than God’s.  Ouch.)  God gave me the grace and strength to carry it out (He always has, and He always will, you dummy, Alex). 

So now I’m doing hard things for the glory of Jesus, who did the hardest thing of all: He laid down his heavenly rights and His very life, so that I, a wretch who shies at simple things like buying gift certificates for a near-stranger just because I don’t normally do that, might become His treasure.

Will you do hard things with me?  Will you be sensitive to what the Spirit is calling you to do, and will you do it, even if it seems really hard?

Luke 1:37–“For nothing is impossible with God.”

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