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Music…a Sound Foundation for Life

 Every house needs a foundation.  Just as the strength of the foundation determines the strength of a house, so the strength of our character—our foundation as people—determines the strength of our future.  Music as part of that foundation strengthens the whole and builds essential character skills.  Whether we play casually or professionally, there are many benefits to learning an instrument, such as perseverance, performing abilities, and service.A proficient musician can make a song sound as though the music is simply flying out of his heart, straight into our souls.  Although the final result may sounds effortless, hours of blood, sweat, and tears are poured into the preparation of each piece.  This is true for people of all ages and skill levels.  This toil, however, not only brings forth glorious tunes:  it also works behind the scenes to build up our characters.  No matter if one is a beginner or an expert, there is always something new to learn, something that needs improvement.  We are taught firsthand how practice makes perfect, and how our hard work can bring splendid success.  The diligence required to master a scale, a piece, or a difficult theory concept becomes a sharp-edged tool in other, non-musical areas of our life.Many of us have had our first “public appearance”—and first case of stage fright—playing an instrument for church, for school, or for our family.  These opportunities are very important in our character building.  Primarily, they teach us performing skills: the ability to perform before others and to be able to not flinch when all eyes are upon us.  Acclimation to being in front of people is vital during business presentations, oral reports, plays, and other public activities.  Whether informal gatherings or official recitals, performing our instruments helps us to gain confidence and stage presence that profits us greatly. An interesting advantage of playing an instrument is that it builds a foundation for helping others.  Music is a valuable tool in giving back to our communities.  Even a beginner can use his music to participate in a fundraiser or church service.  Playing at a friend’s wedding can be a greatly rewarding experience for the couple, the guests, and us.  In addition, the parents who sing or play to and with their children experience a great joy.  There are multitudinous outlets for a giving, music-filled heart.  Investment in our communities is surely a strong foundation for our futures.Truly, music is a blessing both to its performers and its listeners. Every time we play an instrument, we build a strong foundation for our lives.  Diligently working through difficulties, being able to present oneself confidently, and developing a servant’s heart are just some of the many benefits of learning a musical instrument.  These skills and character that we glean are invaluable tools throughout our lives.  In turn, these tools improve our ability to help others.  And what is better than that?

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