Well, dear reader, I don’t know about you, but I, for one, am sick and tired of negative campaign commercials. Well, I suppose I’m tired of every campaign commercial, but specifically the negative ones. It really gets my goat how “good” it is seen to cut down others and point out the worst in them.

So here’s my proposition for 2008, all ye candidates:

1.) tell me what YOU stand for, and don’t just say, “good schools, happy children, peace and love”, but give me specific examples, i.e., voting records, precedence, and more than just general, generic terms.

2.) Don’t be afraid of the hard issues; that is, tell me your stance on abortion, same-sex marriage, death penalty……I understand it probably isn’t the wisest campaign move to come right out and say it, but at least say in a roundabout way how you stand for “traditional marriage,” or “the right to life”, or any other of the host of euphemisms that tell me that stance.

3.) If you’re going to run a campaign against somebody, give me evidence; some hard proof of why I shouldn’t vote for them. In other words, give me voting records, quote them, specific examples, or something, but most of all, follow rule 4.):

4.) DONT MAKE STUFF UP! I am nauseated by the way facts get twisted and exaggerated. Stop taking things out of context, and give me the truth! If I can’t trust you in a campaign commercial, who says I can trust you in office? Establish a rapport with the people by starting and staying honest.

So basically, play fair, and let me decide whom I think is the best for the job….that’s how the original voting process worked, back with our Founding Fathers–a “few good men” run, and whoever isn’t doesn’t win.

Ahh…, if I can only get through one more night of commercials…


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  1. Well said. The whole idea of “campaining” for a public office has become “wharfed” Instead of an enlightening revelation of one’s values and direction – it has become a veritable sewer of non-stop mud slinging……or worse. Outhouse refuse comes to mind. It is a dreaded event – much like the cropping up of poison ivy around the property. You know it is coming. You can’t do a thing about it. All you can do is limit your expose to the toxin. I say we all should boycott primetime TV in 2008 until the ivy has once again faded away. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C

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